How a 1031 Exchange Works:

1. Sell

  • Sell your property and open the exchange with a 1031 Accommodator.
  • Accommodator creates the documents needed and holds the funds from your sale.
  • You start looking for replacement property.


2. Buy

  •  Complete your exchange with one or more properties.
  • Any kind of real estate works.
  • Try to buy as much as you sold, to save all the taxes.
  • Make repairs or improvements to the property and have them count towards the exchange.


What You Get From An Exchange:

Save all the tax. Taxes are 30% to 40% of your profit, that’s a lot!

Depreciate what you buy, all over again, and take the tax break on your annual taxes.

Exchange into a better investment. You can even exchange into something that later becomes your residence.

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